Arbitral tribunals are private (i. e. not state-run) courts which render binding and final decisions in disputes. Arbitral awards are equivalent to court judgements and enforceable virtually worldwide.


The composition of arbitral tribunals is determined by the parties or the institution seized by the parties. As a consequence the arbitral tribunal can be constituted with specialists with a profound knowledge of the subject matter.


Arbitration plays an increasingly important role in the field of renewable energies, in particular in connection with cross-border contracts and large construction projects (e. g. offshore wind farms). The same applies to Dispute Adjudication Boards (DAB) that accompany the project and can adjudicate disputes already during the construction phase.


ENGEL & FEEST is specialized in arbitration. We advise clients in the drafting of arbitration clauses and represent clients in domestic and international arbitration (institutional and ad hoc arbitration); furthermore the lawyers of ENGEL & FEEST are available as arbitrators. We are familiar with the current arbitration rules (e.g. ICC rules, DIS rules, Swiss rules).